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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Detailed Can & Cannot guideline for both Employers and Workers in the Guidelines FAQ

What is SmallJobs all about?

SmallJobs is about connecting people who need something done (Employers) with people who want to help (Workers). These "things that need to be done" are called "micro jobs".

SmallJobs toon - how it works?

How do I know if I am an Employer or Worker? What's the difference?

After you register, you can be an Employer by starting a Campaign to have a task (micro job) done for you by others (micro workers). If you wish to earn money, you can start by selecting a "micro job", finishing it and get paid. You can be both at the same time - an Employer and Worker!

One account per user only

Every person should only create and use one account only. Users with more accounts will be banned from the system.

Accepting a job

A Worker is allowed to accept same job only once. Using more than one  account and accepting same job more than once will result in account termination. Workers should only accept jobs they are capable of finish. If you think you cannot deliver results, don't accept that job. Accepting a job and submitting a false proof will raise a red flag. In most cases three (3) red flags lead to account termination.

I'm a SmallJobs... How and when do I get paid?

Workers get paid when their Employer rates the task submitted as "satisfied". When a Worker logs into their account, they can check the status of various tasks they have submitted. If a task is marked "not satisfied" by the Employer, you (the SmallJobs) will not get paid. If a task is marked "satisfied" you will get paid. Workers can withdraw earned money through several different methods: PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, MobileMoney, Skrill and Neteller.  After you have requested a payout, it takes up to 30 business days to process your payment.

How do I become more involved as a SmallJobs?

We also have a SmallJobs newsletters with interesting jobs, weekly tips, news & more - sign up on front page - its easy!

Are there some things Employers and Workers can and cannot do?

Yes there are! We provide a detailed Can & Cannot guideline for both Employers and Workers in the Guidelines FAQ.


Employers are people who need help getting something done. Employers start new campaigns and look for workers. Employers review work done and pay Workers.


Workers are people who enjoy helping others and earning a little extra cash. Workers accept jobs and deliver results. Workers get paid.

More details - please read Guidelines FAQ


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